Washington Health Department Erases ‘Women,’ Says ‘Transmasculine’ People to Be Screened for Cervical Cancer

The Washington State Department of Health has erased the term ‘woman’ when discussing screenings for cervical cancer.

In a statement on X, the health department wrote, “Transmasculine people with a cervix should talk to their doctor about cervical cancer, getting screening, and the HPV vaccine.”

According to Medical News Today, “transmasculine” individuals are those “assigned female at birth who identify with or experience a significant alignment with masculinity.”

As the health department’s tweet was widely criticized, the group added, “We’re here to protect and improve the health of ALL people in our state. Not every message is meant for you, but some of our messages might be meaningful for others in WA. We welcome your comments and encourage polite and productive conversation.”

“We do not approve, endorse, or verify the scientific accuracy of comments posted by our followers. We encourage everyone to research health information and use vetted, reputable sources that have been scientifically reviewed for accuracy.”

Radio host Jason Ranz responded, “You don’t verify the scientific accuracy of your own tweets, though.”