Marjorie Taylor Greene

House Republicans Introduce Resolution Rescinding Jan. 6 Subpoenas

House Republicans have introduced a resolution that rescinds the subpoenas issued by the January 6 Committee.

Republicans File Bill Making Tips Exempt from Federal Taxes

Republican Representatives Thomas Massie (KY) and Matt Gaetz (FL) introduced a bill that seeks to exempt tips from federal taxes.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Promises to Do Everything She Can to Imprison Anthony Fauci for ‘Crimes Against Humanity’

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene told the audience at Turning Point USA’s People Convention that she would be doing everything she could to lock up Dr. Anthony Fauci for “crimes against humanity.”

Republican Rep. Introduces Bill to Abolish Federal Reserve

Republican Representative Thomas Massie (KY) introduced a bill that would abolish the Federal Reserve.

Democrats Block Greene’s Effort to Oust Speaker Johnson

The House of Representatives voted to table Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's (R-GA) motion to vacate against Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA).

Government Data Reveals Miscarriages, Reproductive Issues Following COVID Vaccine

Data from the Canadian government and analyzed by Naomi Wolf and Amy Kelly of Daily Clout revealed there was an increase of reproductive disorders following COVID-19 vaccine distribution.

Democrats Oppose Move to Remove House Speaker Amidst Ukraine Aid Dispute

Democrats are unlikely to support the resignation of House Speaker Mike Johnson if a vote is called, according to Democrat Jared Moskowitz. Moskowitz stated that...

House Passes $60 Billion Ukraine Aid Bill, GOP Members Threaten to Oust Johnson

The House of Representatives approved sending $60 billion to Ukraine for its defense against Russia’s invasion Saturday.

Foreign Funding Bill Advances

A bill that allocates almost $100 billion to Ukraine, Israel, and the Indo-Pacific advanced.

$95 Billion Provided for Ukraine, Israel, Indo-Pacific

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) released the text of three foreign aid bills for Ukraine, Israel, and the Indo-Pacific.

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