National Day of Prayer: We Have Forgotten God…” Lincoln, “Awful Calamity … May Be but a Punishment … For Our Presumptuous Sins” – American...

President Reagan stated January 27, 1983: "In 1775, the Continental Congress proclaimed the first National Day of Prayer ... In 1783, the Treaty of Paris officially ended the long, weary Revolutionary War during...

Russia: From Vikings to Mongols to Tsars to Socialist Dictatorships to Ukraine invasion – American Minute with Bill Federer

Beginning in the late 700s, Vikings from Scandinavia, called Danes and Swedes, began raiding the coasts and up the rivers of England and Europe. Since they were from "the north," they were referred to as Norse...

Report Reveals Chinese Communist The Second Largest Foreign Owner of American Land

A new report revealed the second-largest foreign owner of United States land is now allegedly a Chinese communist.

China Holds ‘Strategic’ Discussions With Iran Following Hamas Attack

Chinese Premier Li Qiang touted the “comprehensive strategic partnership” between China and Iran on the sidelines of a diplomatic summit, despite Iran’s patronage of the Hamas terrorists who sparked a devastating conflict with Israel.

Pentagon Says China’s Spy Baloon ‘Did Not Collect’ Data While Over U.S.

The U.S. had alleged the balloon was spying on military sites, with photos taken by a passing U-2 spy plane purportedly supporting these accusations.

Republican Rep. Suggests China Using U.S. Border to Sneak in Military Personnel

Tennessee Republican Rep. Mark Green suggested China is using the chaos at the southern border to sneak in military personnel.

New Study Links Personality Disorders and Left-Wing Authoritarianism in Political Activism

Research uncovers the influence of dark personality traits on left-leaning ideology.

Document Discusses Gain-Of-Function Research, Chimera Viruses

Research "clearly undermine[s]" idea that Covid-19 did not originate in a lab.

China Spy Balloon Was Equipped to Detect Intelligence Signals

United States officials believe the Chinese balloon was affiliated with a military-aerial surveillance program that monitored at least 40 countries.

Biden Admin Accuses China of Operating Military-Linked Aerial Spy Program

The US House of Representatives is expected to pass a resolution blaming China for a "brazen violation of United States sovereignty" and accusing it of trying to "deceive the international community through false claims about its intelligence collection campaigns."

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