Disney Fans Turn Against Rachel Zegler After Actress Makes Snarky Remarks

Disney fans criticized Rachel Zegler from the upcoming Snow White after the leading actress condemned the original 1937 film.

Trans Powerlifter Beats Female Competition, Sets New Record

A 40-year-old transgender woman, a biological male, beat his female competition in a powerlifting event.

Barack Obama Said ‘I Make Love to Men Daily, But In the Imagination’: Letter to Ex-Girlfriend

Details of former President Barack Obama's letter to his ex-girlfriend about "fantasizing" about other men were revealed over the weekend.

Pro-Abortion Groups Push for Ballot Initiative in Arizona

Pro-choice groups have started an initiative for a ballot measure in Arizona ahead of next year’s election that would move the right to abortion into the state constitution. 

LA School District Promotes ‘Rainbow Club’ For LGBTQ+ Elementary Students

The Los Angeles Unified School District is promoting a "Rainbow Club" for "LGBTQ+ elementary students and their friends."

Harry’s Razor Company Faces Backlash For Ad Showing Transgender Female’s Mastectomy Scars

Harry's Razor Company is facing backlash and calls for a boycott over a recently resurfaced ad featuring a trans-identified woman shaving her face and exposing her topless chest to show her double mastectomy scars.

Top Alabama Basketball Star Caleb White Collapses On Court, Dies at 17

Tragedy struck the Alabama basketball community as Caleb White, one of the state's top high school players, suddenly passed away during a team workout.

Anheuser-Busch Forced to Sell Several Beer Brands Months After Bud Light Boycott

Just months after the widespread boycott of Bud Light for its partnership with a transgender influencer, parent company Anheuser-Busch is selling several of its popular beer brands.

Hunter Biden’s Former Friend Says He Sought Father’s ‘Approval and Love,’ Describes Drug Addiction

Former stripper and friend Hunter Biden Allie Kennedy told The Daily Mail that much of Biden's behavior is due to feeling inadequate and second-best to his late brother Beau.

Nascar Suspends Driver ‘Indefinitely’ For Liking George Floyd Meme

NASCAR and Legacy Motor Club have suspended driver Noah Gragson after he liked a meme poking fun at the death of popular figure George Floyd.

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