Losing Support

Poll Finds Biden Losing Minority Voters

A Monmouth Poll found that Joe Biden is losing support among minority voters.

Poll Finds Homosexuality Losing Support Across Both Republicans and Democrats

A Values and Beliefs poll from Gallup found that support for homosexual relationships fell by 7%.

Some Dems Won’t Get Behind Biden Reelection Bid

Steve Shurtleff was at Joe Biden's side in 2019 when he filed papers in the New Hampshire State House to run for president.

Lara Trump: Ron DeSantis Should Wait Until 2028 for White House Run

Lara Trump has begged “very smart” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to delay his expected White House run to give her father-in-law, former President Donald Trump, a clear shot at the Republican nomination in 2024.

Trump’s Major Gains with Hispanics Give Republicans Major Advantage

For the first time in polling history, Republicans and Democrats are equally well-liked among Latino voters.

Nev. GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Leading Over Democrat Gov. Sisolak

Two Republican candidates in Nevada’s gubernatorial race are leading over Democrat incumbent Gov. Steve Sisolak in hypothetical match-ups.

50% of Americans Don’t Believe Biden Is in Good Health, 48% Say He’s Not ‘Mentally Fit’

Democrat pollsters put the blame on Republican messaging, not Biden's numerous public gaffes

Pew Research Poll Shows President Biden’s Approval Cratering to Historic Lows

President Joe Biden’s approval rating is continuing to crater to historic lows, a recent survey from the Pew Research Center showed.

Poll: Biden Losing Support Among Democrats

Reuters/Ipsos released a new poll on Wednesday, and the results are less than kind to President Joe Biden. The poll in question was conducted June 11-17.

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