Stocks End September Down 9.3 Percent, Worst Month Since March 2020

Wall Street closed out a miserable September on Friday with the S&P 500’s worst monthly skid since March 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic crashed...

Are Democrats and Joe Biden Up to Their Old Election Tricks?

Over the last 16 tortuous months of the Biden presidency, it’s become clear that the Democrats are running on empty.

‘Shell Companies and Shady Lawyers’: Why Did Disney Get To Govern Its…

The Walt Disney Company — once a family-friendly entertainment firm that brought together Americans from all walks of life — is currently making national headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The Government Could Stop Inflation Within a Year. Instead, Expect Things to Get Worse

Know-nothing pundits and politicians have been communicating to Americans that inflation is, like the weather, a mystery they can’t control.

Trump Keeps Focus on Election Fraud, Teases 2024 Run

Former President Trump told a crowd gathered at a rally in Georgia that he is the true winner of the 2020 election and blamed the state’s Republican Gov. Brian Kemp, who he is working to help defeat in a May 24 primary.

Winner and Losers in the Ukraine Crisis

Let’s examine winners and losers in the Ukraine crisis. Let’s start with the losers.

Woke, Inc: Why I’m Blowing Whistle on How Corporate America Is Poisoning Society

I used to think corporate bureaucracy was bad because it’s inefficient. That’s true, but it’s not the biggest problem. Rather, there’s a new invisible force at work in the highest ranks of corporate America, one far more nefarious. It’s the defining scam of our time — one that robs you of not only your money, but your voice and your identity.

If DC Fears Trump, He Deserves Four More Years

I do try not to get angry when government actors confirm my belief that they are lowly human beings not worthy of respect.  With age and experience, most people eventually come face to face with enough instances of injustice or straight-up barbarity in the world to understand that life is no bed of roses wherein the righteous triumph effortlessly over the wicked.

George W. Bush Donates to Trump Targets Ahead of GOP Primaries

Former President George W. Bush donated to the primary campaigns of two Republicans being targeted by former President Donald Trump, according to recent filings with the Federal Election Commission.

Trump Warns Republicans That a ‘Corrupt Election’ Could Cause Losses Again if Not Addressed

ormer President Trump sends a warning to the GOP that if they want to win the upcoming elections they have to fix damage done to the election process.

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