School Board Officials Call Police on ‘Trumpish’-Looking Individuals

The citizens looked "different," according to school board officials.

Wildfire Causes Mandatory Evacuation of Entire Southwestern Louisiana Town

Louisiana is currently experiencing a record-breaking number of fires in August.

Canada Moves to Mandate 60 Percent Electric Vehicle Sales by 2030

By 2026, a fifth of new passenger vehicles sold in Canada will have to be zero-emission, according to regulations proposed by Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault on Wednesday.

Deceased Candidates Win Midterm Elections

Technicalities allow recently deceased lawmakers to win local races.

Louisiana Teacher Says She Can Teach Kids About Jesus, God If Other Educators Can Teach About Gender

A teacher in Louisiana has gone viral on TikTok after saying she should be able to educate students on God not making mistakes when creating them.

A DOD Official Exposes The Intellectual Bankruptcy Of Diversity

It is rare that U.S. Department of Defense officials, blinded by their zealous pursuit of the latest variant of U.S. military diversity policy, reveal that policy’s intellectual vacuousness.

Editor of prestigious medical journal fired for denying that structural racism exists in medicine

'Many of us are offended by the concept that we are racist'

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