School Board Officials Call Police on ‘Trumpish’-Looking Individuals

Originally published August 31, 2023 4:47 pm PDT

The citizens looked “different,” according to school board officials.

  • Investigative journalism team O’Keefe Media Group obtained videos through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that show New Jersey school board officials calling the police on “Trumpish” citizens.
  • On August 8, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent of Livingston, New Jersey, Toni McLaughlin told the police that the citizens were “different looking” and “Trumpish.”
  • “They look a little scary, they just don’t look like Livingstons,” McLaughlin said.
  • The police officer then compared the “Trumpish” citizens to Antifa.
  • “Do you think they might be part of some kind of, like, not like Antifa but something along those lines? That’s exactly what we’re thinking,” McLaughlin says.
  • In more bodycam footage, the police officer is heard discussing O’Keefe with the school board officials in another room: “So this is what his thing is, go to the towns that are doing this diversity, equity, and inclusion curriculum, or whatever they’re doing.”
  • “Get a life,” the officer adds, referring to James O’Keefe.
  • “You said that there were some ‘Trumpish’ people. What did you mean by ‘Trumpish?'” O’Keefe asked McLaughlin.
  • “I don’t feel like commenting,” the school board official responded.
  • O’Keefe pressed, “What is intimidating about citizens showing up at a school board meeting talking about diversity, equity, and inclusion?”
  • McLaughlin claimed that “usually we have people commenting on the agenda.”
  • The investigative journalist then questioned Superintendent Matthew Block why he called the police, but received no comment.
  • In May, James O’Keefe revealed an operation of illicit campaign funding tied to the Democratic Party, largely in Missouri, American Faith reported.
  • The investigation cites millions of dollars collected through this allegedly unethical “donation harvesting” process that involves multiple states.
  • The disclosure will likely trigger calls for further investigation into fundraising practices.