Trump Asserts Top Prosecutor at DOJ Tried to Bribe Attorney

Donald Trump claimed a top Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecutor tried to bribe an attorney to lie.

Trump’s Truth Social Files Lawsuit Against The Washington Post

Former President Trump's "Truth Social" has filed a $3.78 billion defamation lawsuit against newspaper The Washington Post.

Technical Mishaps Mar DeSantis’ 2024 Presidential Campaign Launch on Twitter Spaces

Trump capitalized on the incident to take a jab at DeSantis.

Majority of Voters Believe Biden Involved in Alleged Influence-Peddling Scheme

House Republicans recently released reports alleging that more than $10 million flowed from foreign entities to companies associated with the Biden family and family members.

Anna Paulina Luna Files Resolution to Remove Adam Schiff From Congress

The Durham Report found that Schiff was complicit in the Russia Collusion hoax.

President Biden Tells Black Graduates ‘White Supremacy’ Is The Biggest Threat In America

President Biden told graduates at the primarily black Howard University that “the most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland is white supremacy.”

Trump Clashes with CNN Host in Contentious Town Hall, Accuses Her of Bias and Interrupting: ‘Nasty’ (Video)

Originally published May 11, 2023 7:18 am PDT During a contentious CNN New Hampshire town hall on Wednesday night, former President Donald Trump faced off...

Tucker Carlson Announces New Show on Twitter, Takes Aim at Mainstream Media (Watch)

"Facts have been withheld on purpose, along with proportion and perspective. You are being manipulated," says Carlson.

6 New Pieces of Evidence in Biden Family’s Influence Peddling Schemes: ‘Over $10 Million from Foreign Nationals’ and Their Related Companies’

"Bank records show the Biden family, their business associates, and their companies received over $10 million from foreign nationals’ and their related companies," according to a House Oversight Committee press release.

Congress Ignores Real Debt Ceiling Drama: Ron Paul

"Ensuring that government follows the same nonaggression principle as law-abiding citizens is the key to a society of freedom, peace, and prosperity," writes Dr. Paul.

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