California Approves Budget with Spending Cuts and Temporary Tax Hikes to Address $46.8 Billion Shortfall

In response to an anticipated $46.8 billion budget shortfall, California lawmakers approved a budget on Wednesday that reduces spending and temporarily raises taxes on...

Ohio General Assembly Passes $4.2 Billion Capital Spending Bill and Major Education Reforms

A $4.2 billion state capital spending bill, several education reforms, and a proposed change to the way state ballot issues are numbered were among...

Renewed Mask Bans Stir Controversy Over Civil Liberties

Law enforcement and state legislators are bringing back to life long-dormant rules that make mask wearing illegal. Republican lawmakers in North Carolina plan to override...

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Challenging Pro-Life Law

St. Louis Circuit Judge Jason Sengheiser has dismissed a lawsuit alleging that Missouri's pro-life protections violate the separation of church and state.

36-Year-Old Ecuadorian Vice Minister Facing Impeachment Over ‘Mental Incapacity’

Ecuador’s Vice Minister of Government Esteban Torres said this week that he is facing impeachment over "mental incapacity" charges.

Far-Left Groups to Fight Louisiana Law Requiring 10 Commandments Be Displayed in Classrooms

After Louisiana became the first state to require the Ten Commandments to be displayed in public school classrooms, far-left groups have promised to challenge the law.

Biden Faces GOP Backlash Over Record SPR Depletion in Election Year

The sale of the first 30 million of the 180 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) by the Biden administration...

Republicans File Bill Making Tips Exempt from Federal Taxes

Republican Representatives Thomas Massie (KY) and Matt Gaetz (FL) introduced a bill that seeks to exempt tips from federal taxes.

GOP Rift Widens as Texas House Republicans Censure Four Right-Wing Members

This week, Texas House Republicans censured four right-wing members who ran against their colleagues, capping months of internal strife and taxing primary contests. The caucus...

House GOP Subpoenas Fifteen Biden Aides Over Alleged Election Scheme

Fifteen senior Biden aides were summoned by House Republicans on Thursday due to worries that the administration would be carrying out a partisan "scheme"...

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