Lara Logan

Mike Lindell Slams Voting Machines at Texas Cpac, Teases Upcoming Summit

“We are in the greatest revival for Jesus in history,” Lindell said.

Maricopa County Elections Employee on Video Removing 2020 Election Files from Servers

Arizona Senate-ordered independent Maricopa County ballot audit of 2020 presidential election revealed elections employee captured on video deleting hundreds of thousands of files from election server the day before that server was to be turned over to the audit.

Biden Admin Giving Social Security Numbers to Illegal Aliens: Lara Logan

"If you really want to know where the cheating starts, it’s long before you get to the polls…it starts with counting illegals in the census," says journalist.

‘Defeat the Mandate’ Rally in D.C. Features First Responders Vaccine Mandate Backlash

Washington D.C.’s anti-vaccine mandate rally was marked by last year’s front-line and essential workers, as well as first responders who objected to mandatory COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

‘If There Is Risk, There Must Be Choice’: Dr. Robert Malone Stirs Defeat Mandates Rally in D.C.

Organizers with Children's Health Defense predicted 20,000 marchers would attend the event to protest COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Fauci Oversaw Dangerous, Torturous Experiments On Dogs

“Fauci is increasingly becoming Dr. Evil. Over and over again”

Lara Logan: Biden’s border crisis is enabling the ‘MOST POWERFUL criminal organizations’ on Earth

'The violence of the cartels is not like anything anyone has EVER seen before'

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