American Faith Welcomes Veteran News Anchor Kristi Leigh (Video)

Leigh joins American Faith.

  • Kristi Leigh is an award-winning former news anchor who has worked in the news industry for nearly two decades, in TV news for 13 years, and as a lead evening news anchor since 2015.
  • Outraged by the lack of journalistic integrity and the propaganda-pushing in mainstream news, Leigh decided to break away from the chains of corporate-controlled media to do news the right way.
  • Kristi is partnering with American Faith to carry out her goal of providing a voice for the voiceless and holding the powerful to account.
  • This week, American Faith launches a daily newscast with Leigh, where she will report top stories in less than five minutes.
  • On the horizon, American Faith will be featuring Leigh in a new podcast with deeper analysis of current events and interviews with prominent influencers.
  • Kristi recently interviewed Kari Lake and Lara Logan on behalf of American Faith.