‘Trudeau Has Probably Overreacted’: Boston Globe

Traffic jam, not an uprising.

Trump Says CNN’s Zucker Fired ‘Because of Horrible Ratings Down 90%’: ‘An All-Time Low’

President Trump's message knocked the former CNN president's likability.

Trump Explains Why He Cancelled His Jan 6 Press Conference at Mar-a-Lago: ‘Total Bias & Dishonesty’

President Trump announces why he will not be presenting tomorrow on the anniversary of January 6th in an official statement.

Trump: Claim ‘No Evidence of Election Fraud’ is ‘FAKE NEWS’

"This election was a scam, and the Lamestream Media is doing everything in their power not to allow the people to see or read about what really took place."

President Trump Blasts ‘Lamestream’ Media for Failing to Report Voter Fraud Evidence

Trump says 2020 election fraud evidence is coming out "fast and furious."

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