Jim Justice

Republican Governors Recognize May as Jewish American Heritage Month

The Republican Governors Association released a statement recognizing May as Jewish American Heritage Month.

Republicans Eye Senate Majority as Prospects Brighten in Key States

The Republican Party sees promising prospects for achieving a Senate majority this year, with potential victories looming in Maryland and Montana, and a smoother...

Joe Manchin Will Not Run for Re-Election

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin (D) announced that he will not be running for re-election.

West Virginia Passes Legislation Protecting Children From ‘Transgender’ Procedures

Lawmakers in West Virginia passed a bill last week banning transgender surgical procedures for children.

West Virginia Legalizes Open Carry On College Campuses

Republican West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice officially signed a bill into law that allows concealed carry permit holders to carry their firearms on the campuses of state colleges and universities.

Law Restricting Sports by Biological Sex Ruled Constitutional: West Virginia Judge

West Virginia law prohibiting people from participating in single-sex sports teams that do not match their biological sex is constitutional, according to a judge.

W.VA’s Riley Moore Prepares House Run, Vows to Take His Anti-ESG Fight to Washington

The Republican leading the national charge against “woke” financial firms with climate investment policies wants to take his battle to Congress by way of a West Virginia House district.

West Virginia Gov Signs Abortion Ban Starting With Conception

Criminal penalties for killing the unborn.

West Virginia Pro-Life Bill Passes Committee

The legislation would protect the unborn from the point of conception.

See Abortion Law in All 50 States

Abortion laws are rapidly changing across the U.S.

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