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Plurality Say Biden Is Dividing the Country

A plurality of Americans feel as though President Biden is dividing the country, despite his original pledge to unify, a Quinnipiac University Poll released this week found.

Christian Father Who Pranked Joe Biden in Christmas Call Stands His Ground: ‘100% Behind What I Did and What I Said’

The man who went viral after telling President Joe Biden "Let's Go Brandon," on Christmas Eve is speaking out, telling a local newspaper that he has received threatening phone calls since the viral phone call.

Biden Pranked on NORAD Santa-Tracking Call

President Joe Biden on Friday was pranked by a parent during the annual White House NORAD Santa-tracking call with military families who said ''let's go, Brandon,'' a phrase used to insult Biden, the New York Post reports.

U.S. ‘Will Boycott’ China Winter Olympics in 2022: Human Rights Abuses

Human rights activists want full withdrawal due to China's abuse of its Uighurs while athletes have trained for a lifetime to compete

Hunter Biden’s New York art exhibit draws few visitors, many give fake names, even his own parents decide to skip it

Hunter Biden’s controversial art exhibit in New York has reportedly received only a handful of attendees, some of whom refused to even give their...

Bedtime goes woke as books like ‘Antiracist Baby’, ‘Daddy & Dada’ and ‘A is for Activist’ are dominating the shelves with transgender tales and...

Once upon a time it was simple. Children went to sleep on a diet of bedtime stories that grew out of folklore, depended on magic or were just enchantingly simple: Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and Goodnight Moon.

White House Admits To Secretly Trafficking Planes Full Of Illegal Children From Border In Middle Of The Night

"It's no surprise that kids can be seen traveling through states, not just New York."

Mask-erade: Joe Biden Pals Around Maskless at Congressional Baseball Game

President Joe Biden abandoned his mask during the coronavirus pandemic Wednesday as he attended the annual Congressional Baseball Game.

Jill Biden: ‘They Already Had a Pandemic Ready to Go’

At a press conference, Jill Biden said that before the Covid-19 pandemic started they "already" had one "ready to go."

Jill Biden makes Vogue cover after Melania Trump snub

The former model, famous for her style, has experienced a spectacular snub as the US First Lady made a surprise appearance.

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