Russia Open to Considering Proposals From Latin America, Africa to End Ukraine Conflict

Russia is willing to consider proposals from countries in Latin America and Africa to end the conflict in Ukraine.

Italians See Their Wealth Plummet as Italian Leaders Promise Military and Other Aid to Ukraine

Despite political differences within her coalition over their stance on Russia and Italian taxpayers' financial woes, Premier Giorgia Meloni has unwaveringly advocated for military aid and other assistance for Ukraine.

Evidence Emerges About the Authenticity of the Shroud of Turin

A 2022 study found evidence suggesting the Shroud of Turin, supposedly the burial cloth of Jesus Christ, dates back to 2000 years ago.

Italy Bans OpenAI’s ChatGPT Chatbot Over Privacy Concerns and Lack of Age Verification

Italy has banned OpenAI's ChatGPT chatbot due to privacy concerns and lack of age verification, marking the first instance of a Western country blocking the chatbot, while experts call for a moratorium on advanced AI systems development.

Italy Proposes Law to Ban Lab-Grown Food and Animal Feed

The Italian government has proposed a draft law to ban lab-grown food and animal feed production in the country to protect its cultural heritage and traditional food and agriculture sectors.

Italian Gov’t Cracks Down on Food Products Containing ‘Insect Flour’

Italy regulates sale and labeling of insect flour foods, including bans on their use in traditional Mediterranean foods and maximum supervision to protect consumers.

Financially-Strapped Vatican Opens Its First-Ever Shopping Mall

The economically-ailing Vatican has inaugurated a 120,000-square-foot shopping mall to cater to the millions of tourists and pilgrims that visit it each year.

Pope Francis Believes Ukraine War Was Driven by Numerous ‘Imperial’ Interests, Not Just Russia’s

Pope Francis believes the Ukraine war is being driven by "imperial" interests across the world, not just Russia.

Pope Francis Condemns Traffickers Responsible for Migrant Deaths

Pope Francis has called out the human traffickers behind a recent shipwreck in southern Italy that resulted in the deaths of scores of migrants.

Clear Majority of Female COVID Vax Recipients Report Changes in Menstrual Cycle Length or Regularity: British Medical Journal (BMJ)

"[A]ll the available pieces of evidence confirm that only COVID-19 vaccination, but not COVID-19 infection, is associated with menstrual irregularities," the researchers write.

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