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Ohio State University Course Requires Students to Address ‘Privilege’

Ohio State University requires students who sign up for a health sciences program to participate in discussions addressing white or heterosexual privileges, Fox News reported.

Rate of Babies Dying Before First Birthday Increased 3% Last Year

The rate of babies passing away before their first birthdays increased by 3% in 2022, the first year-to-year increase since 2002.

Middle School Jewish Students Told ‘All Israelis and Jews Should Be Killed’

Four 11-year-old Jewish students at Manhattan Beach Middle School were told by another student that "Jews should be killed."

Ohio Human Trafficking Crackdown Results in 160 Arrests

The arrests also implicated individuals with intentions to have sex with minors and those promoting prostitution.

Biden Admin Grants $Millions to Programs Fighting ‘Misinformation’

The Biden administration’s National Science Foundation (NSF) and State Department have granted over $4 million to programs combatting "misinformation."

Indiana’s Near Total Abortion Ban Goes Into Effect

With exceptions like cases of rape or incest in the first ten weeks, or in circumstances where the mother's health undergoes "substantial and irreversible physical impairment."

University Display Says ‘Christian Privilege is Directly Connected To White Supremacy’

A professor at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis is facing backlash after putting up a display on "Christian Privilege" in one of the school's hallways.

Professor Criticizes ‘Anti-Biological’ Lesson Instructing Students to Call Women ‘People With Cervices’

An Indiana University School of Medicine professor claimed a lesson given to first-year medical students is "anti-biological" and has “very detrimental effects to the health care profession."

Indiana University Forces Profs to ‘Commit’ to DEI to Qualify for Tenure: Daily Caller Report

Indiana University School of Medicine requires professors to demonstrate commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in order to be considered for promotions or tenure, according to document obtained by medical watchdog group Do No Harm.

Christian Scholars Say Focus On ‘Christian Nationalism’ is ‘Smokescreen,’ Real Threat is ‘Neo-Marxism’

As media attention on "Christian nationalism" looms large in American politics heading into the 2022 midterms, Christian scholars this week debated the definition of...

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