Professor Criticizes ‘Anti-Biological’ Lesson Instructing Students to Call Women ‘People With Cervices’

An Indiana University School of Medicine professor claimed a lesson given to first-year medical students is “anti-biological” and has “very detrimental effects to the health care profession.” The lesson, “Sex and Gender Primer,” redefines biological sex and implements “inclusive terminology.”

From The Daily Signal:

The lesson endorses “person-first language” such as “people with cervices” rather than “women,” and “anatomy-based language,” such as “the testes produce sperm” rather than “the male gonad produces sperm.”


“Indiana University School of Medicine’s woke DEI classes on gender are highly speculative and won’t change the health of any group in America for the better,” [medical organization Do NO Harm chairman] Goldfarb said.

“This class conflates the anatomy of male and female reproductive systems with a highly controversial and scientifically dubious concept of ‘gender fluidity,’” he noted. “It uses complex and very rare abnormalities in human development to assert that gender is a spectrum and not the manifestation of the basic biologic reality of the sexes. These ideas should not be presented as established biology. By doing so, they provide support for the gender transition of minor children. DEI indoctrination in medical schools must be stopped for the sake of quality of patient care.”