Speaker Mike Johnson Invites Biden to Deliver State of the Union Address

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) invited President Joe Biden to address a Joint Session of Congress in the delivery of the State of the Union.

Trump To Hold Campaign Rally on The Same Night of Republican Presidential Primary Debate

Former President Donald Trump will hold a campaign rally in Hialeah, Florida the same night of the third Republican presidential primary debate.

Trump Proven Right: U.S. Weapons Left Behind in Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal Now Being Used for Terrorist Attacks Against Israel

A commander in the Israeli forces said that weapons left behind in President Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal are being used for terrorist attacks against Israel.

Google Search Results Favor Biden Over JFK Jr., GOP

A review of Google search results relating to the U.S. presidential election found that the search engine favors Joe Biden over Democrat Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Republican presidential candidates.

Trump Ahead of Biden in 2024 Presidential Face-Off: Daily Mail Survey

This recent poll shows Trump at 45 points compared to Biden's 44.

President Trump’s Bond Set at $200K in Georgia Election Case

"The Defendant shall perform no act to intimidate any person known to him or her to be a codefendant or witness in this case or to otherwise obstruct the administration of justice."

Trump Admits He Shouldn’t Have Hired ‘Incompetent’ Barr, Sessions, Esper

In an interview with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, Donald Trump admitted he made some "mistakes" in his presidency.

Majority of Americans View Joe Biden as Physically and Mentally Unfit for Office: New Poll

Nearly six in 10 respondents deemed Biden unsuitable for the presidency, both physically and mentally.

Maricopa County Made Arizona’s Elections Even More Of A Disaster Than People Realize

"This was a horrible thing to experience. Poll workers conveyed a shocking lack of competence — it actually looked like willful incompetence," a Maricopa poll observer said.

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