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Trump Calls for Jan 6 Committee to Be Tried for ‘Treason’

Former President Donald Trump has called for the committee investigating the January 6, 2021 unrest at the Capitol to be "tried for fraud and treason," claiming that crucial video footage was omitted and that recently-released security footage shows Capitol Police escorting some alleged Trump supporters through the Capitol building.

State Department Gives $41K to Charity That Partners With Terrorists

The State Department is funding a project to train Palestinian journalists that will be carried out by a charity that has partnered with terrorist groups, according to grant records reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon.

Ray Epps Claims He ‘Tried to Deescalate’ Jan 6 Events, Committee Transcript Reveals

Epps was caught on video telling the crowd to go into the Capitol the next day, saying, "Tomorrow we need to go in to the Capitol. In to the Capitol."

Twitter Suspends Colorado-Based Antifa Group

Twitter has suspended the Colorado Springs branch of Antifa, @COSAntiFascists, which had been active for several years with a history of inciting violence.

Trump Asks Musk to Release Twitter Records on POTUS Ban

President Donald J. Trump on Friday praised Twitter CEO Elon Musk for publishing files on Twitter's censorship.

AZ Fox 10 Calls Arizona Governor’s Race for Democrat Katie Hobbs on Live TV 12 Days Before Election

The network claimed it was an "error" and part of an Associated Press test.

Story Hour: How Drag Queen Shows for Minors Have Become Increasingly Common

Texas state Rep. Bryan Slaton (R) to announce he would introduce legislation prohibiting minors to be present for such events.

Leftists Demand Big Tech Preemptively Censor Trump’s Truth Social

Former President Donald Trump’s Truth Social wants to make itself cancel-proof against leftist demands that Big Tech preemptively deplatform it.

Trump’s Truth Social App Set for Release Monday in Apple App Store

Trump's new social media venture, Truth Social, will launch on Apple's App Store this week, Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) Chief Executive Devin Nunes said on Sunday.

‘Get Breitbart out of News Tab’: Facebook employees were hostile towards BLM reports by conservative outlets, leaked docs reveal

Leaked internal messages from a Facebook staff chat board reportedly show that some workers at the social media giant had wanted to suppress “very negative” coverage of the Black Lives Matter movement by conservative news outlets.

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