YouTube Lifts Ban on Free Speech Questioning U.S. Presidential Elections

YouTube to be a "home for open discussion and debate."

Biden Admin Accused of Funding Program Linking Christian, Conservative Groups to Nazi Ideologies

The program has thus far granted approximately $40 million to 80 U.S.-based recipients, including public, private, and non-profit entities.

YouTube Reinstates Trump’s Channel: ‘I’M BACK!’

YouTube's decision comes as Trump's most recent video appearances statements stress the urgency of achieving "peace without delay" in Ukraine, while also advocating for a "completely overhauled" Pentagon and urging the Biden administration to prioritize relations with global powers.

Twitter Suspends Colorado-Based Antifa Group

Twitter has suspended the Colorado Springs branch of Antifa, @COSAntiFascists, which had been active for several years with a history of inciting violence.

Democrats Introduce Legislation to Bar Trump From Ever Holding Public Office

Representative David Cicilline, backed by 40 other House Democrats, introduced legislation citing a Civil War-era provision in the 14th Amendment to bar Donald Trump from ever holding public office.

Israel to Introduce Law Regulating Social Media Platforms, Create ‘Safer Online Space’

Outgoing Communications Minister Yoaz Hendel stated Israel will use recommendations provided by a communications committee that seeks to provide a "safer" online space.

Twitter’s Safety Team Found Trump’s Final Tweets Did Not Violate Policy, but He Was Banned Anyway

Twitter’s safety team initially found that then-President Donald Trump’s final pair of tweets before his Jan. 8, 2021, ban were not in violation of the company’s rules, according to internal messages published by journalist Bari Weiss Monday, obtained as part of Elon Musk’s ongoing “Twitter Files.”

Musk Supports Kari Lake’s Election Criticism

“Reasonable criticism of elections and judicial challenges are, of course, lawful. That seems to be the case here," said Musk.

Trump Asks Musk to Release Twitter Records on POTUS Ban

President Donald J. Trump on Friday praised Twitter CEO Elon Musk for publishing files on Twitter's censorship.

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