Florida Rep. Files Bill Allowing States to Enforce Immigration Laws that Federal Government Won’t

U.S. Rep. Bill Posey, R-Fla., has filed a bill that would give states a greater ability to enforce immigration laws when the federal government won’t.

Biden Admin. to Give Free Cell Phones to Illegal Immigrants

The Biden administration will now be giving free cell phones to illegal immigrants coming across the U.S. border.

Lawmaker Wants Answers After Report on Biden’s Twisted Plan to Divert Services From Sick Veterans

If you’re not clear on the Biden administration’s priorities, Sen. Josh Hawley is.

Nancy Pelosi Ripped AOC and Ron Klain, Forthcoming Book Reveals

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has repeatedly expressed frustration with both the Biden White House and left-wing members of her conference in recent months

Texas Under Pressure to Secure Its Own Border Against Illegal Immigration Amid Escalating Crisis

The border crisis has reached a point where a growing chorus in Texas is pushing for the state to take matters into its own hands.

Dems Push Back on Biden Ending Trump’s COVID Asylum Exclusion at the Border

Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema issue joint statement expressing concerns about the plan.

Border Patrol Braces for New Surge in Illegal Immigration as Title 42 Ends

As the Biden administration prepares to drop the Title 42 public health provision on May 23, Border Patrol agents and local officials along the border are bracing for an even greater influx of illegal immigrants.

75 Illegal Aliens Crammed in Dump Truck Captured By Federal Agents

Federal Law Enforcement apprehended 75 illegals in mass smuggling operation in Carrizo Springs, Texas.

Biden’s Deputies: 500,000 Migrants per Month Expected at Border

Border chief Alejandro Mayorkas and his progressive deputies are warning Americans to expect a huge inflow of economic migrants if the Title 42 border barrier is dropped.

White House Celebrates Radical Maoist Who Openly Admired Osama bin Laden After 9/11

An activist who embraced the teachings of Mao Zedong and held up Osama bin Laden as a hero is being celebrated by the Biden White House as an example for American women.

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