Florida Deploys Over 1,100 Assets to Aid Texas in Border Security Crisis

"The impacts of Biden’s Border Crisis are felt by communities across the nation, and the federal government’s abdication of duty undermines the sovereignty of our country and the rule of law," said DeSantis during the announcement.

Gun Control Debate Ignores the Real Problems

"While government can undermine morality, it cannot promote virtue."

Congress Ignores Real Debt Ceiling Drama: Ron Paul

"Ensuring that government follows the same nonaggression principle as law-abiding citizens is the key to a society of freedom, peace, and prosperity," writes Dr. Paul.

Biden Incorrectly Says He Has ‘Six’ Grandchildren

Overlooks hunter biden's child born out of wedlock.

Governor Gavin Newsom Visits States Where Freedom Is ‘Under Attack’; Ignores California

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) said Thursday that he has completed a tour of states where "freedom" is "under attack," but ignored his own state of California.

Law Enforcement Does Not Expect Trump to Appear in Court Until Next Week

Law enforcement has reportedly claimed that Trump will not be called into court this week.

Majority of U.S. Voters Believe Climate Change is a ‘Religion’ Disconnected from Reality: Survey

A survey shows that the majority of U.S. voters believe climate change is a religion about power and control, while Greta Thunberg deletes a tweet warning of the potential end of humanity due to climate change.

Trump Promises to ‘Clean House’ of ‘Warmongers and Frauds and Failures in the Senior Ranks of Our Government’

"I am the President who delivers peace, and it’s peace through strength."

One Dead, Many Injured In Massive Ohio Metal Plant Explosion

One person has died and twelve have been injured after a metal plant in Ohio caught fire Monday afternoon.

Fire at Metal Factory Just 70 Miles from East Palestine

Oakwood Village is just over an hour by car from East Palestine, the site where the toxic chemical vinyl chloride was burned and released into the environment after a train carrying it derailed.

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