Identity Politics

Rapper’s Redpilled Anthem About America Goes Viral

Pro-America track by Tom MacDonald hits 2 million views in 48 hours. Canadian rapper Tom MacDonald dropped a new track praising America and her principles...

‘Abolitionist’ professor says 9/11 was attack on ‘heteropatriarchal capitalistic systems’ that benefit white people

Dr. Jenn Jackson, a professor of political science at Syracuse University, triggered an avalanche of backlash after claiming Friday the 9/11 terrorist attacks were an attack on "heteropatriarchal capitalistic systems" that "white Americans fight to protect."

Education Sec. Cardona does not answer ‘how many genders are there?’ during testimony

GOP Rep. Mary Miller asked Sec. Cardona how many genders there are during a hearing before the House Education and Labor Committee, during which the latter refused to respond.

White influencer now identifies as Korean, blasts ‘woke’ mob hypocrisy: ‘If you can be transsexual you can also be TRANSRACIAL

British influencer Oli London is taking heat after publicly identifying as Korean.

James Carville Says Identity Politics, Cancel Culture Hurt Democrats

Democrats will lose future races if they continue to embrace identity politics, cancel culture and efforts to defund the police, says veteran Democrat strategist James Carville.

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