Ex-Pfizer VP Warns of Ongoing ‘Global’ Conspiracy, ‘Biggest Crime in History’ Involving Loss of Freedom and ‘Billions’ of Deaths (Watch)

"I think we're in the middle of an ongoing crime," Dr. Yeadon stated. "I'm convinced that it will be the biggest crime in history. It's global. It has the intent of control, removing everybody's freedom, and I personally think will involve killing further millions, if not billions of people."

Majority of New York Young Republicans Support Trump for 2024 Presidential Nomination: Survey

When pitted against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Trump secured an overwhelming 66% of the vote.

North Carolina Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Voter ID

The Supreme Court of North Carolina ruled in favor of voter ID and also granted lawmakers the power to draw redistricting maps Friday.

EU in Final ‘Investigative’ Stage for Digital Currency

The European Central Bank is in the final stage of investigating the digital euro project, which aims to create a digital currency accessible to all citizens of the euro area.

Russia to Ban Gender Changes on ID Documents

The Russian Ministry of Justice is set to amend its legislation allowing gender changes on passports and other documents of identification.

Biden Admin Pressing All Nations to Give Sovereignty to WHO

The right to declare an emergency would entirely belong to the World Health Organization.

Florida Considering Most Extensive Illegal Immigration Policies in U.S.

The state of Florida is currently considering a series of policies designed to tackle illegal immigration.

Presidential Candidate RFK Jr. Sounds Alarm on U.S. Introducing, Centralizing Digital Currency

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) "grease the slippery slope to financial slavery and political tyranny," says Kennedy.

Two Tennessee Democrats Expelled from State House After Rallying for Gun Control Laws Following School Shooting

Last Thursday, Representatives Justin Jones, Justin J. Pearson, and Gloria Johnson chanted "No action, no peace" on the House floor during legislative proceedings, forcing them to halt.

DeSantis Signs Bill Allowing Permitless Concealed Carry in Florida

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has signed a bill allowing residents to carry concealed firearms in the state without a permit, making Florida the 26th state to allow permitless concealed carry.

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