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Starbucks Plans to Tap Young, Wealthy Customers to Weather Recession

Starbucks Corp. topped Wall Street estimates for quarterly comparable sales and profits on Thursday, saying it will weather any coming recession by selling customized cold...

Starbucks Doesn’t Want Mail-In Voting For Its Union Elections

Starbucks is urging the National Labor Relations Board to end all mail-in union elections at its U.S. stores after allegations of improper coordination between board officials and the union.

Starbucks CEO Blames Woke Elected Officials For 16 Store Closures In Dangerous Cities

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz blamed woke elected officials in Democrat-run cities for the abrupt closure of 16 stores.

Starbucks CEO Says Stores Are No Longer Safe in Democrat-Run Seattle, Portland, Philadelphia, L.A., D.C.

American cities “have abdicated their responsibility in fighting crime,” said Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, who is a Democratic donor.

Starbucks Closing 16 Stores Nationwide Due to Employee-Safety Concerns

Starbucks Corp. announced on Monday that more than a dozen stores will be closed across the nation over employee-safety concerns related to drug use, theft, and assault.

Starbucks Roasts Biden for Meeting With Union Organizer

Starbucks criticized President Joe Biden for meeting with an organizer who is trying to help its shops unionize. 

These Billionaire Donors Spent The Most Money On The 2020 Election

They collectively shelled out $2.3 billion, more than twice as much as Joe Biden’s entire campaign.

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