Over 40 Mayors Ask President Biden to Create Jobs Program For Illegals

More than 40 mayors and county officials across the United States are reportedly asking President Joe Biden to expedite work permits to grant millions of illegal immigrants jobs.

Poll Finds Americans Are Not Planning Summer Vacations Amid Inflation

A Fox News poll found that 55% of Americans are not planning to take a summer vacation amid soaring costs.

House Passes Anti-Central Bank Digital Currency Bill

The House of Representatives passed a bill prohibiting the government from creating a central bank digital currency (CBDC).

Clara Barton & the American Red Cross – American Minute with Bill Federer

When Clara Barton was ten-years-old, her older brother, David, fell off the roof of a barn during barn-raising in Massachusetts. The doctors had given up hope on him, but Clara helped...

Poll Finds Over 60 Percent Of Independents Support Deporting Illegals

A recent poll has found that over 60 percent of Independents believe most or all illegal immigrants currently in the United States should be deported.

State Department Expresses Condolences to Adversary Iranian President’s Death

The State Department offered condolences to Iran after the death of its president, Ebrahim Raisi.

Former Texas District Attorney Official Pleads Guilty to Smuggling Illegals in Government Vehicle

A former official from the Starr County District Attorney’s Office pleaded guilty last week to smuggling illegal immigrants from the border in a government vehicle.

CBP Refuses to Provide Nationalities of Those on Terror Watchlist, Protects ‘Privacy Interests’

Fox News' Bill Melugin revealed that the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) refused to comply with a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request due to the "privacy interests" of migrants.

Barge Crash Leads to Oil Spill, Closure of Bridge to Texas Island

A barge collision with a bridge pillar in Galveston, Texas, caused an oil spill and closed the only road to Pelican Island, home to...

Trump, Biden to Debate Without Audience

Donald Trump and Joe Biden will debate each other on June 27, according to a press release from CNN.

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