Cal Poly Humboldt Condemns Campus Takeover, Warns of Costly Consequences

California State Polytechnic University, Humboldt, issued a stern rebuke Sunday following days of campus unrest that saw anti-Israel activists occupy two academic buildings, warning...

Attacks Against U.S. Churches Surge: Report

A report from the Family Research Council found that there have been at least 915 attacks against churches in the United States since 2018.

Lincoln Memorial Vandalized in Pro-Palestine Effort

The Lincoln Memorial was vandalized with the phrase "Free Gaza" written in red paint.

Menorah Set up For Hanukkah in Oakland, California Vandalized

A menorah set up for Hanukkah at Oakland’s Lake Merritt was vandalized this week, leading to a motor rally around the lake Wednesday night by Jewish people with menorahs on their cars.

4 in 10 Democrats Support Removing George Washington Statue

Four in ten Democrats support the idea of removing statues of the first president of the United States, George Washington.

Jewish Rep. Dan Goldman’s NYC Office Vandalized With Pro-Palestinian Graffiti

Rep. Dan Goldman’s Brooklyn office was vandalized last week with pro-Palestinian graffiti that read “Blood on ur [sic] hands,” “free Palestine,” and “let Gaza live.”

Hate Crimes Against Christians in Europe Increased by 44%

The Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians in Europe (OIDAC Europe) said in its annual report for 2022/2023 that social hostility against Christians increased by 44%.

French Homes Spray Painted With Stars of David

An estimated 60 Stars of David were stenciled and spray painted on homes in France.

Anti-Hamas Billboard Taken Down in New Jersey After Over 100 Police Complaints

An anti-Hamas billboard put up by a Jewish organization in New Jersey has been taken down after police received more than 100 complaints.

Almost All San Francisco Restaurants Experienced Graffiti or Property Crime in August

According to a survey conducted by the Golden Gate Restaurant Association, nearly 97% of San Francisco restaurants experienced graffiti or crime against their establishments in August.

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