Government Waste

Biden Sends U.S. Taxpayer Dollars to Taliban… to Save Afghan Salamanders?

Months since Biden tried to claim credit for successfully withdrawing the United States from Afghanistan despite his exit being deadly chaos that left a still unknown number of Americans behind, Biden is allowing American tax dollars to flow back into the failed state that's now under terrorist control.

Rand Paul’s naughty list exposes $52 billion in wasteful federal spending

From $2.4 million for an Arctic dinosaur film to $250 million for border walls in the Middle East and North Africa, Kentucky senator uses Festivus list to call attention to wasteful spending.

More Than $100 Billion Was Stolen From Pandemic Relief Funds, Secret Service Says

When it comes to government waste, we've seen some pretty big numbers of recent - including $80 billion worth of military equipment that was left behind in Afghanistan just months ago.

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