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AZ Dept Of Education Promotes Chat Rooms For Kids To Talk About Sex And Gender

The Arizona Department of Education (ADE) links to chat rooms on its website for LGBTQ+ minors to discuss sex and gender with adult moderators present — without their parents necessarily knowing.

HHS Chief: Taxpayers Should Fund Surgically Removing Kids’ Genitals

The Joe Biden administration in Washington is so committed to the transgender ideology, including the surgical procedures that mutilate the body parts of children and leave them permanently sterile, that his spokeswoman has threatened those who oppose it.

White House Threatens States for Protecting Children From Gender Surgeries, Puberty Blockers

The White House is threatening to hold states "accountable" for passing laws that protect children from irreversible procedures used to transition genders.

Voices From the Right Break With GOP on Ukraine

Some U.S. conservatives in Congress and elsewhere resist support for the embattled nation

Former Islamic Extremist: Elites Using Radicalization Techniques on Population

Maajid Nawaz knows what it’s like to be radicalized by outside influences, because it happened to him.

Republicans Introduce ‘TRUCKERS Act’ to Repeal COVID Vax Mandate for Foreign Truckers

Florida Senator Rick Scott led GOP senators in introducing the Terminating Reckless and Unnecessary Checks Known to Erode Regular Shipping (TRUCKERS) Act.

U.S. Truckers’ ‘People’s Convoy’ Embarks Today

American truckers want to "jumpstart the economy" and reopen the country.

Vigils Organized at Canadian Embassies in Protest of Pastor’s Imprisonment Over Preaching at Freedom Convoy

Gatherings have been planned in support of Canadian pastor Artur Pawlowski who sits in solitary confinement after speaking to truckers along the US/Canada border last week.

Facebook Bans American Freedom ‘Convoy to DC 2022’ With 139K Followers

Facebook has shut down the Facebook page "Convoy to DC 2022" as of Tuesday following rapid growth to 139,000 followers.

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