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China Introduces Robot Arms for Coronavirus Throat Swabs

China’s state-run Global Times on Thursday triumphantly announced the deployment of intimidating robot arms to perform throat swab coronavirus tests “with reasonable sampling accuracy and efficiency.”

China Claims It Will Try to Fill Wheat Shortage Caused by Ukraine-Russia War

China’s Agriculture and Finance Ministries issued a joint notice on Friday urging farmers to maximize China’s spring plowing season of wheat and soybeans from early April in an effort to alleviate an expected global food supply shortage caused by Russia’s latest war with Ukraine.

‘We Will Never Forget Who Bombed Our Embassy in Yugoslavia’: China Pushes Back Against NATO’s Moralizing on Ukraine

China responded to NATO's demand that they condemn Russia's "brutal invasion" in Ukraine by saying they'll "never forget" NATO's deadly bombing of their embassy in Yugoslavia in 1999 and they don't need a "lecture on justice" from an "abuser of international law."

U.S.-Funded Ukraine Bio Labs Conducted Research Into Bat Coronavirus: Russia

Russian news agency Sputnik News reports Ukraine was home to U.S.-funded "biological research facilities," didn’t want Russia to control those facilities.

China to Increase Military Spending in 2022

China is expected to increase spending on its defense budget in 2022.

China Defends Joe Biden from ‘Morbid Abuse’ of ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’

China’s government-run propaganda newspaper Global Times defended President Joe Biden on Monday from Americans using the phrase “let’s go, Brandon” to signal dissatisfaction with his job performance, claiming it is representative of “extreme political sentiment” and branding it “abuse.”

You’re Not Invited’: China Laughs off Joe Biden’s Olympics Half-Measure

China’s top English-language propagandists mocked President Joe Biden on Tuesday following the announcement that he would allow the U.S. to play in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics but withhold uninvited politicians, comparing the move to charging “an appearance fee to go to public restrooms.”

U.S. ‘Will Boycott’ China Winter Olympics in 2022: Human Rights Abuses

Human rights activists want full withdrawal due to China's abuse of its Uighurs while athletes have trained for a lifetime to compete

China: Kyle Rittenhouse Proves U.S. Democracy ‘Has Failed’

China’s state-run Global Times on Sunday claimed the Kyle Rittenhouse trial “exposes the illness of the U.S. political system” and argued the not-guilty verdict proves American democracy “has failed to heal the illness of social polarization and racial divergence.”

China Breaks Dark Warplane Record for Second Day in a Row

Taunting Taiwan with the power of its arsenal and its potential to close its fist upon the island, Chinese military jets have entered Taiwan’s air defense identification zone for three straight days.

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