China to Be Investigated If Republicans Win House in November

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said House Republicans will set up a committee to investigate how COVID-19 spread from China, military and economic threats from the eastern nation, and intellectual property theft.

  • House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has promised to set up a committee to investigate how COVID-19 spread from China if the GOP wins control in the Nov 8 congressional elections, according to Bloomberg.
  • “More importantly, we want to find where the origins of Covid began, so it never starts again. How did that happen?” McCarthy asked on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.”
  • The committee will also focus on military and economic threats posed by Beijing as well as look into accusations of intellectual property theft from American companies by the eastern nation.
  • Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” (BBB) agenda requires an overhaul of U.S. energy, forcing the sector to be more dependent on technologies that come out of China, such as solar panels and electric vehicles (EVs).
  • EVs are powered by lithium-ion batteries made with metals sourced from China, a country set to hold its position as the world’s largest battery producer through 2025, according to Statista. “China’s dominance of the global lithium-ion battery market results from the country’s large domestic demand,” which is “driven by growing sales of electric cars,” the market and consumer data specialist emphasizes.
  • Biden officials admitted his administration would rely on countries like China to “supply the bulk of the metals needed to build electric vehicles,” Reuters reported in May of last year. “The plans will be a blow to U.S. miners who had hoped Biden would rely primarily on domestically sourced metals.”
  • Global Times, a newspaper controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), explained how the Biden admin has “set an ambitious goal to make clean cars account for half of new vehicles sold in the US by 2030, instantly turning out to be a boost to the electric vehicle sector across the Pacific. Chinese lithium mining firms and battery suppliers, a vital part of global EV supply chains, are expected to benefit from Biden’s goal.”
  • Hunter Biden’s business, Rosemont Seneca Partners, obtained a 20% stake in a Chinese private equity firm, Bohai Harvest RST, that owns the world’s largest lithium-ion battery manufacturer, Contemporary Amprex Technology.
  • Joe Biden is partnered with the World Economic Forum (WEF), the organization which Biden’s BBB slogan comes from.
  • The WEF has publicized an in-depth plan to help China take “an increasingly active role in reshaping the international system of climate change, digital transformation and economic development.”
  • The Forum’s ‘Global Future Council on China’ wants to “explore emerging models of Chinese leadership adapted to a new norm of globalization” and “make recommendations for building trust between China and the rest of the world.”
  • The U.S. “won’t be the world’s leading superpower” by 2030, according to the WEF.