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Joe Rogan Details How Establishment Media ‘Rigged’ 2020 Election

Podcaster Joe Rogan discussed with Tom Segura his beliefs that even if the 2020 presidential election was not "rigged" with fraudulent votes, but by the media.

FDA Encourages People to Report ‘Misinformation’

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently announced an initiative where they are inviting people to report “misinformation” regarding health topics online. 

Pro-Transgender Mom Says Target Caved to ‘Terrorists’ by Getting Rid Of Pride Displays

A pro-transgender mother is outraged with Target after the company removed certain Pride merchandise off the shelves. 

Tucker Carlson’s Monologue the Day He Was Let Go Related to Jan 6 Investigations, Ray Epps

Frequent guest on Tucker Carlson's show, Chadwick Moore, claimed Carlson's planned monologue the day he was let go from Fox News was related to "investigations around January 6 and particularly Ray Epps."

Democrats Push to Remove ‘Shameful’ Statue Across from White House Due to ‘Racism’

A Democrat House member wants to remove a historic statue in Washington DC because of “racism”, but there is one major inconvenience for the Democrats.

U.S. Supreme Court’s Roberts Temporarily Blocks End to Title 42

The Supreme Court has temporarily blocked the Biden administration from ending its policy of rapidly expelling migrants at the US-Mexico border, after a request from Republican officials in 19 states.

Creighton University Removes Pro-Gun Student Group Director From Campus, Prohibits Organization

A private Nebraska university has prohibited a student group from using a sign featuring an AR-15 with the expression "print guns, not money," referring to Young Americans for Liberty's (YAL) opposition to the federal reserve.

NYC Officials Demand Credit Card Companies Track Gun Purchases

Mayor Eric Adams and Comptroller Brad Lander are establishing a code for financial institutions to use to report gun purchases to law enforcement.

75,000 Brits to Stop Paying Power Bills Amid Inflation Storm: ‘Revolution Has Begun’

Brits are the most miserable in three decades as inflation is expected to hit 13%.

Stealth Attack on Ice: Left Seeks Abolition by Other Means, Ex-agency Boss Warns

"They are abolishing ICE's mission, making the agency ineffective," said Tom Homan.

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