Gay Pride

Senate Democrats Vote Against Republican Amendment to Only Fly the American Flag Over Government Buildings

Senate Democrats recently voted against a measure that would forbid the flying of any flag except the American flag over government buildings.

Texas Rangers Receive Praise For Being Only MLB Team Without Pride Night

The Texas Rangers have received praise this month for being the only team in the MLB not hosting a "Pride Night" at their stadium.

Massachusetts School Tries to Enforce Wearing Rainbow Colors for Pride—Students Refuse, Wear Red, White and Blue

A middle school in Massachusetts tried to force children into wearing rainbow colors for pride, but the students revolted and wore American flag colors instead.

Elementary School Children Lead Pride Celebration in Virginia

Johnson Elementary School students in Charlottesville, Virginia, led a pride month celebration.

Major League Baseball Instructs Teams Not to Wear ‘Pride’ Uniforms

Following the backlash surrounding corporations supporting "pride month," this year, MLB has told teams to not wear their gay pride uniforms.

Egyptian Footballer Penalized for Refusing to Wear Gay Pride Armband During Match

"I respect all differences. I respect all beliefs and all convictions. This respect extends to others but my personal beliefs must be respected as well," he asserted.

NHL May Reconsider Gay Pride Nights Amid Opt-Outs by Players and Teams

The opt-outs by some players and teams of gay pride nights, citing religious or foreign pressure reasons, have prompted the NHL to evaluate the issue and consider changes for future events.

California Beach City Will No Longer Hang LGBT Pride Flag Outside City Hall

A California beach community has reversed a decision to fly the gay pride flag in front of government buildings and will now only allow a select group of flags to be flown.

American Journalist Dies in Qatar, Brother Claims Murder For Gay Pride Shirt

American journalist Grant Wahl has died while covering the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. He was 48 years old. 

Paul Pelosi Attacker Lived in Berkeley Hippie Commune

the man accused of attacking Paul Pelosi with a hammer, lived inside a school bus parked outside of his former lover’s home in the weeks leading up to the attack, according to his neighbors.

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