Most Americans, including Democrats, concerned about Biden’s mental health: Poll

The majority of Americans, including Democrats, say they are concerned about President Biden‘s mental health amid recent gaffes and swirling questions about whether the 79-year-old should pursue a second term.

‘Significantly High’ Number of Dems Worried About Biden’s Mental Lapses

Joe Biden's mental lapses are part of the White House routine by this point.

Parents With School-Age Kids Could Be the New ‘Swing Voters’

As we’ve been seeing in elections over the last year, education issues have become hot-button concerns for parents.

Trump Insiders Say He’s Preparing to Launch 2024 Campaign

The campaign could launch as soon as next month. QUICK FACTS: Sources close to former President Donald Trump said he is preparing to launch a 2024...

Trump Could Launch His 2024 Presidential Campaign Next Month

Sources suggest that Donald Trump could be preparing to launch his 2024 presidential campaign as soon as next month.

A Slew of Democrats Are Quietly Hoping Biden Won’t Run In 2024

Many members of the Democratic Party are quietly hoping President Joe Biden doesn’t run again in 2024, according to an article from The New York Times.

Thirteen Times Biden Aides Cleaned Up After His Gaffes

Joe Biden has kept his aides busy by frequently misspeaking in ways that require walk-backs and clarifications — a pattern that came into focus...

Kayleigh McEnany: These Gaffes Are Alarming

Harris Staffers Are Reportedly ‘Frustrated’ She Has to Do Her Constitutionally Assigned Duty

The U.S. Constitution gives vice presidents few official duties, but apparently, some of Vice President Kamala Harris’ aides are frustrated that she is often stuck in Washington, D.C., to carry out one of them.

Will Biden Blow up the World?

If you thought that the neocon-controlled US plan to isolate and destroy Russia couldn’t get any worse, you were wrong.

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