Examining the Over-Dramatization of LGBTQ Youth Bullying Claims

The narrative that LGBTQ youth face higher rates of suicide and bullying compared to their non-LGBTQ peers has dominated public discourse, but is that...

Biden Makes Gaffe at NAACP Event, Claims He Was Vice President During Pandemic

President Joe Biden made an apparent blunder while addressing attendees at the NAACP’s Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner in Detroit on Sunday. The 81-year-old...

Biden’s Teleprompter Trouble Adds to String of Verbal Missteps

President Biden stumbled through another verbal misstep during a speech at a trade union conference in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, highlighting his tendency for...

Selective Scrutiny: Left’s Allegations of Trump’s Mental Fitness Exposed Amid Growing Concerns Over Biden

Amid the many concerns about President Joe Biden's cognitive abilities, some on the left are attempting to redirect attention to former President Donald Trump,...

Only 37% of Democrats Want Biden to Run for President in 2024

Down from 52% before last year's midterm elections

Nearly 60% Of Voters Don’t Want Biden in 2024

A Newsweek poll discovered almost 60% of American voters do not want Biden to seek a second presidential bid.

GOP Takes Early Voting Lead in Blue Miami, a Very Bad Sign For Democrats

Despite President Joe Biden campaigning in Miami, Florida recently, it would appear that his appeal may not have made a difference.

Democrats Close Out a Disastrous Hispanic Heritage Month

October 15 marks the last day of this year’s Hispanic Heritage Month — one the administration of leftist President Joe Biden and fellow Democrats...

Now a Majority of Democrats Say Biden’s Mental Health in Doubt

A new poll reveals that now a majority of Democrats think Joe "Biden possibly has mental health issues."

Which Party Is More Favored by the Public to Govern? The Answer Just Flipped.

The latest survey of Americans' views of the two major political parties conducted by Gallup shows that not only has Joe Biden been terrible for Democrats as a brand, the president's failures have been so substantive that he's upset the historical trend in America showing which party is more favored by the public to govern.

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