GOP Takes Early Voting Lead in Blue Miami, a Very Bad Sign For Democrats

Despite President Joe Biden campaigning in Miami, Florida recently, it would appear that his appeal may not have made a difference.

As election day for the 2022 midterms inches ever closer, it’s clear to see Republicans are taking a lead over their Democrat opponents, even during the early voting phase. This signals high enthusiasm among the right, as the left struggles to rile up their base.

But losing an early voting lead isn’t the only issue Dems are contending with in Miami. A recent poll indicates that Latinos are abandoning the party in huge numbers, opting to vote red instead in a county that is 72% Hispanic.

Latino voters comprise 12% of registered voters and the GOP has been working hard to flip the reliably-blue voting bloc since 2018. It would appear their efforts will see a massive payoff this year.

According to the United States Election Project, Republicans make up 44% of all registered voters in Florida. Democrats comprise 38% of that number which already gives them a disadvantage in the state.

By Wednesday a whopping 27% of registered Republicans had already voted, compared to a mere 21% of Democrats. This bodes well for Governor Ron DeSantis and Senator Marco Rubio who are facing re-election this cycle and are looking to give their down-ballot colleagues a boost.

DeSantis could also become the first Republican governor to take Miami-Dade county since Jeb Bush two decades ago, in 2002.

Perhaps the lack of Democratic enthusiasm could be traced back to President Joe Biden, whose consistent gaffes, arguments with reporters and insults toward his GOP colleagues have remained front-page news for the last year.

Biden was in Florida to stump for DeSantis’ opponent, Charlie Crist on November 1, but spent more time ripping the Republican side of the aisle than boasting about Crist’s accomplishments. At one point, he even claimed that DeSantis was “Donald Trump incarnate,” a delightful gaffe that Twitter seized on as evidence that Biden is losing it.

The president also used his time to fearmonger over January 6 and the horrific Paul Pelosi attack to claim that Republicans have “a lot of unstable people in the population” and refuse to fully condemn the violence.

In all, the numbers aren’t painting a very pretty picture for Democrats, but it’s not over until the fat lady sings.

Reporting by BizPac Review