Fiscal Year

Federal Firearms Dealers Say Biden Is Targeting Them

Federal Firearms License holders (FFLs) claim President Biden is targeting them after his administration revoked the licenses of 122 FFLs during the last fiscal year.

U.S.-Canada Border Smuggling Operations Increase 575% Across Washington State

Washington State's border patrol agents have reported a 575% increase in smuggling operations across the U.S.-Canada border.

New Data Reveals Biden’s Border Crisis Helping Fuel Mexico’s Economy

According to multiple reports, the border crisis under President Biden has fueled Mexico’s economy through an increase in illegal immigrants in the U.S. sending money back home.

IRS Lost Thousands of Cartridges Containing Sensitive Tax Records

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) cannot find thousands of microfilm cartridges holding millions of tax records.

Over 5,400 Migrants Apprehended in Ten Months at U.S.-Canada Border, Swanton Sector Sees Detentions Exceed Nine-Year Combined Total

The first ten months of the 2023 fiscal year have seen a significant surge in migrant apprehensions at the Swanton Sector of the U.S.-Canada border.

Air Force Successfully Completes Test Flight in AI Aircraft

The Air Force Research Laboratory successfully tested the XQ-58A Valkyrie.

Largest Big Pharma Companies Made $82 Billion in 2022

An analysis by Accountable.US found that the five largest pharmaceutical companies in the United States made $82 billion in 2022.

Biden Admin Commits Another $400 Million in ‘Security Assistance’ to Ukraine

The DoD states, "Today’s commitment in security assistance, valued at up to $400 million, includes additional air defense munitions, artillery and other ammunition, armored vehicles, anti-armor weapons, and other equipment to help Ukraine counter Russia’s ongoing war of aggression."

254 Illegal Aliens On Terrorism Watch List Have Entered the U.S. Under Biden

The number of foreigners entering the United States on the terrorist screening list has increased ninefold since Biden took office.

Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas Directs Agency To Drop The Term ‘Illegal Alien’

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas said last week that he has directed the agency to stop using the term “illegal alien” when referring to foreign nationals who come into the United States illegally.

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