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When was the Consitution Ratified?

The ratification of the United States Constitution was a pivotal moment in American history, marking the establishment of the federal government's structure and solidifying the nation's foundational laws.

DeSantis to Oppose COVID Vaccine Funding if Elected President

Republican presidential candidate Governor Ron DeSantis (FL) said he would oppose more funding for COVID-19 vaccines if elected president.

Illinois Abolishes Cash Bail: Will ‘Embolden Criminals Even More’

“Terribly detrimental to public safety.”

California Recognizes ‘Transgender History Month’

The California Assembly has become the first state to recognize August as "Transgender History Month" after passing a resolution last week.

California Becomes First State To Recognize August as ‘Transgender History Month’

California is the first state in the nation to label August as “Transgender History Month."

New York City Prohibits TikTok on City-Owned Devices

Due to security concerns, New York City has banned the social media platform TikTok from city-owned devices.

California Announces $Millions in Free Legal Aid to Illegal Immigrant Farmworkers

As part of the state's labor investigations, this program will offer case review services, legal advice, and attorney representation, all at no cost to the workers involved.

New York State Prepares to Ban Natural Gas Hookups in New Construction

Under the budget deal, the ban on natural gas hookups will commence in 2025 for small buildings and in 2028 for large buildings.

Michigan Becomes First State To Repeal ‘Right-To-Work’ Law In Decades

Michigan became the first state in decades to repeal its “right-to-work” law when Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) signed legislation on Friday to rescind it.

Wyoming Bans Males from Participating in Female Sports

The law, which will take effect on July 1, prohibits “students of the male sex from competing on a team designated for students of the female sex.”

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