Biological Male Field Hockey Player Seriously Injures Female Opponents Face During Game

A male field hockey player from a Massachusetts high school took a shot during a Thursday game that slammed into a female opponent's face, and the female player suffered significant injuries as a result and was hospitalized.

Trump Fires Back at Former Attorney General Bill Barr, “LOSER”

In an excoriating response, former President Donald Trump takes former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr to task after a public rebuke.

American Faith Founder: We Have Hope Because ‘God Has Always Protected His People’

"God has always protected His people in a very, very unique way," Phil Hotsenpiller said.

China to Double Size of Space Station As An Alternative To The International Space Station

The China Academy of Space Technology (CAST) said last week that it intends to double the size of China’s Tiangong space station, extending its operational life to more than 15 years and pushing the platform to replace the International Space Station (ISS).

Portland Police to Pay Former Official Who Pushed to Defund Department

The police union in Portland, Oregon, along with two officers, agreed to pay a former city commissioner $680,000 to settle claims that they leaked information falsely implicating her in a hit-and-run.

California Sues Oil Giants For ‘Deceiving’ Public on Climate Change

California is suing oil companies for "deceiving" the public on how their fossil fuels contributed to climate change.

O’Keefe Media Group Sues Hawaii for Restricting Photos of Lahaina Fire Aftermath

"Invalidate the criminalization of protected First Amendment activity and to also strip Maui County of any ability to criminally charge anyone who exercises their First Amendment rights."

Louisiana Wildfire Declared To Be Intentionally Set

Louisiana officials announced that the state's wildfire was deliberately set, although authorities have not released details of the Tiger Island Fire's origin.

Florida Fire Department Warns Electric Vehicle Owners of Battery Fires After Hurricane

Following Hurricane Idalia in Florida's Big Bend last week, a local fire department has warned electric vehicle owners that exposure to salt water can cause the vehicle's batteries to catch fire.

FEMA to Test Mass Emergency Alert on October 4

The test will be sent to wireless devices within range of an active cell tower.

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