Legal Showdown: Justice Department Alleges Apple’s Monopolistic Practices in Smartphone Market

The United States has launched a groundbreaking legal action against Apple, alleging the tech behemoth has monopolized the smartphone market and stifled competition. In the...

Pentagon Leaker Jack Teixeira Enters Plea Deal, Faces More Than 16 Years in Prison

Jack Teixeira, the Pentagon leaker whose actions constitute one of the most significant national security breaches in years, entered a plea deal on Monday...

Support Grows for Florida Man Charged in LGBTQ Intersection Incident, Tim Pool Contributes $10,000

Tim Pool announced on Monday that he had contributed $10,000 to the legal defense fund for a 19-year-old Florida man facing felony charges for...

A Runaway Slave, an Anti-Slavery Party, and the first Republican Primaries – American Minute with Bill Federer

By the time of the Civil War, the slave population in the United States had grown to four million. The two major political parties in...

U.S. Navy Officer Sent to Prison for Sharing Military Secrets with Chinese Intelligence

A U.S. Navy sailor has been fined $5,500 and sentenced to 27 months in prison after sharing military information with Chinese intelligence.

Senators Introduce Bill Prohibiting Blocking Public Roads

Republican Senators Thom Tillis (NC) and Marsha Blackburn (TN) introduced a bill that would make blocking a public road a federal crime.

Ohio Law Protecting Children on Social Media To Take Effect

A new Ohio law requiring some social media operators to obtain parental consent before creating an account will take effect on January 15.

California Requires Some Stores to Provide ‘Gender-Neutral’ Toys or Face Penalties

California stores with more than 500 employees will be fined if they do not carry "gender-neutral" toys for children aged 12 and under.

Trump Gag Order Reinstated

A New York appellate court reinstated a gag order on Donald Trump.

Trump Gag Order Temporarily Lifted

An appeals court temporarily overturned a gag order placed on Donald Trump.

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