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Mom Sues School District for Allegedly Forcing Daughter Into Glass ‘Enclosure’ for Violating Mask Mandate

An Iowa mother is suing her 5-year-old daughter’s school district for allegedly placing her daughter in a “plexiglass enclosure” for violating the district’s mask mandate, according to the June lawsuit.

EXCLUSIVE: 70,000 Trucker Owner/Operators to Be Forced Out of Business in California: Supply Chain Breakdown

Truckers are suffering under a state rule that has carved out exceptions for multiple other industries.

You Can’t Be a Christian Without Being a Christian Nationalist

Every propaganda outlet for the globalist regime is at DEFCON1 over Christian Nationalism.

Tucker Carlson: You Can No Longer Fight Back

Political Left Revives Calls to Pack Supreme Court Following Roe Reversal

Expansion of nation's highest court would compromise judicial independence, profoundly destabilize institution, experts warn.

Pentagon ‘Trampling’ on Freedoms, Say Nearly 600 Service Members Who Refused Vaccine Mandate

A mid-June report is making its way into the hands of U.S. Representatives and Senators.

State Officials Fight Wall Street to Protect Pensioners From ESG ‘Scam’

After failing to advance their agenda by passing laws in Congress, progressives have found that they can impose their will on Americans just as...

Kyle Rittenhouse Responds to Depp Verdict, Says It’s ‘Fueling’ Him to Take New Action

Kyle Rittenhouse indicated Wednesday that the verdict in the Johnny Depp defamation trial has spurred him to new action.

Trudeau Pushes to Ban Purchase, Sale of Handguns in Canada

Prime Minister-sponsored bill also prevents the transfer of firearms across the nation.

Congressional Republicans Submit a Bill to Define What a Woman Is

Republicans in Congress have introduced a bill to define what a woman is.

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