Rep. Gohmert: ‘Violations of American Rights’ of Jan. 6 Prisoners ‘Mind Blowing’

three GOP representatives joined forces with the Patriot Freedom Project and family members of Jan. 6 prisoners to call out the injustice and denial of due process rights for those incarcerated.

Biden to Complete Section of Trump Border Wall in California

The Biden administration approved a Trump-era project to complete a section of a southern border wall in California.

Trump Urges End to Gun-Free School Zones, Easier Holds of ‘Deranged’ People

Former President Donald Trump on Friday argued the United States should make it easier to confine "deranged" people and eliminate gun-free school zones after a gunman killed 19 children and two teachers this week at a Texas school.

Texas Ranchers Struggling With Property Damage Amid Surge of Illegal Immigrants

As a human tidal wave continues flowing across the U.S. southern border from Mexico, cattle ranchers in Texas scramble to deal with the destruction done by illegal immigrants and human traffickers.

Videos Show Unindicted ‘Suspicious Actors’ Attacking Capitol on Jan. 6

Bobby Powell thought someone would be interested in his video evidence showing two “suspicious actors” taking part in events on the east side of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

‘We Won’t Be Bullied’: Justice Thomas Tells Protestors They Won’t Abortion Ruling

Following protests sparked by the leak of a draft Supreme Court decision indicating the justices are poised to overturn the constitutional right to abortion, Justice Clarence Thomas said on Friday that the court cannot be ‘bullied.’

Why Biden Is Making Common Criminals Out of Average Americans

MAGA stands in the way of his superiors' globalist agenda.

Truck Convoys From All Over U.S. Rally in Indiana Forming One Pack Headed to D.C.

Trains of trucks, cars, and RVs from all over the nation created one large convoy in Monrovia, Indiana late Wednesday before heading toward Washington on Thursday.

Fencing Raised Around U.S. Capitol Building Ahead of State of the Union Address as Trucker Convoy Heads to D.C.

Law enforcement was seen putting up high fencing around the capitol building following an announcement on Feb. 27 about the barriers from officials, calling it a security measure in the wake of the Jan. 6 riots.

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