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Biden Admin Developing ID for Illegal Immigrants

The Biden administration is reportedly developing an identification card, known as the 'ICE Secure Docket Card,' for migrants entering the U.S. unlawfully.

U.S. May Be Funding ‘Vicious Anti-Semitic Neo-Nazis’ with Aid to Ukraine: Rep. Gosar

The concerns revolve around Section 8138 of Public Law 117-328, which explicitly forbids the allocation of U.S. funds to the Azov Battalion, a unit notorious for its neo-Nazi affiliations and alleged human rights abuses.

Case Dismissed Against Abortionist Who Ran Over Pro-Life Man

Abortionist Theodore Roumell previously threatened pro-life activists.

Illinois Woman Arrested for Threatening to Kill Donald Trump and His Youngest Son Barron

A woman in Illinois has been arrested after allegedly making serious threats against former President Donald Trump and his youngest son Barron.

Utah Man Who Made Threats Against President Biden Killed in FBI Raid

Sources confirm that the raid was linked to a significant investigation into threats directed at President Joe Biden and various other officials.

Oklahoma Gov. Stitt Signs Bill Defining ‘Female’ and ‘Mother,’ Banning Men from Women’s Restrooms (Video)

The bill forbids men from accessing facilities such as women's restrooms, prisons, rape shelters, locker rooms, and other similar spaces designed for women.

Biden Admin Threatens To Sue Texas Over Blockades On Rio Grande River

The Justice Department has said it plans to sue the state of Texas if it doesn’t remove the 1,000-foot floating barrier in the Rio Grande river in an attempt to deter illegal immigrants from crossing into the United States.

California Democrat Leads Effort to Remove Gendered Terminology From Federal Law

Representative Julie Brownley from California (D) is leading the charge to remove gendered words from federal law, replacing the terms with gender-neutral language.

Gaetz Introduces Bill to Defund Trump Investigation Special Counsel Jack Smith

"The government is being weaponized to go after President Donald J. Trump. The House of Representatives must defund Jack Smith’s office and end the witch hunt."

AG Garland, Biden DOJ Sued Over Failure to Register Hunter Biden as Foreign Agent While Joe Was Vice President

America First Legal alleges Garland "failed to require proper registration or otherwise follow legal procedures concerning a FARA waiver for Hunter."

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