Emmanuel Macron

White House Report Card: Zogby Says Biden ‘in Real Trouble’

This week’s White House Report Card finds President Joe Biden ending another horror week, whipped repeatedly by the Supreme Court and approval polls and facing a growing fall election disaster if he doesn’t pull up soon.

Global Influence Shifting From the UN to the World Economic Forum

Is the World Economic Forum replacing the United Nations as the world’s most influential institution?

‘Russia Has Won This War’: German Journalist Says West Lying About Ukraine War

German TV is admitting what’s become increasingly obvious: the West is in denial that Russia has all but won its military conflict with Ukraine.

Conservatives Gain Ground in France

National Rally secures 88 seats to rock the establishment.

Putin Asks Macron to Help Stop Ukrainian ‘War Crimes’

The West can help stop “war crimes” allegedly carried out by Ukrainian forces if it uses its influence over Kiev and ceases the supply of weapons to the country, Russian President Vladimir Putin told his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday, according to the Kremlin.

France Announces Creation of New Digital Identity App Days After Macron’s Re-Election

France previously backed away from its attempts to put similar apps into service.

France Is Becoming More Conservative

France's right wing is going mainstream.

Catholic Priest, Nun Injured In Stabbing Attack At French Church

A man stabbed a Catholic priest several times and injured a nun at a French church on Sunday after shouting, “We have to kill Macron.”

Le Pen Concedes as Macron Heads to Second Term

French President Emmanuel Macron is projected to win a comfortable victory for the presidency, with the centrist cruising to a second term as polls close across France in Sunday's closely watched runoff election.

Associated Press Calls Out Biden for Describing Russian Invasion of Ukraine ‘Genocide’: Not ‘Just Another Strong Word’

The Associated Press took a rare swipe at President Joe Biden over his characterization of Russia’s war on Ukraine as “genocide,” joining a chorus of world leaders uncomfortable with using a term that has international implications.

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