DEI Company Suggests Opposing Ideologies Be Forced Out

The CEO and co-founder of the diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) training company Epoch Education has stated that employees who disagree with the company's...

American Discontentment Linked to Lack of Biblical Worldview

Researcher George Barna said in a report that dissatisfaction with American society is linked to the lack of a biblical worldview.

Democrats Celebrate Upstate Boost Amidst City Chaos

President Joe Biden joined Governor Kathy Hochul and Senator Chuck Schumer in upstate New York this afternoon to tout the announcement of up to...

Argentina’s Javier Milei Says Country Has First Surplus in 16 Years: ‘Our Plan is Working’

Newly elected libertarian President Javier Milei told Argentines in a televised address that the country is now experiencing its first economic surplus in over 16 years under his leadership.

Biden Admin Intentionally Disrupted U.S. Energy Production: Report

A report from the Institute of Energy Research (IER) found that the Biden administration intentionally made it more difficult to produce oil and gas in the United States.

WEF Calls for Censorship of ‘Negativity’

The World Economic Forum (WEF) called for governments to censor "negativity" in online spaces.

Donald Trump Introduces ‘God Bless the USA’ Bibles, Embracing Patriotism and Faith

Former President Donald Trump, known for his diverse promotional endeavors, has recently ventured into a more spiritual realm by endorsing 'God Bless The USA'...

Former Aide Criticizes Melania Trump’s Women’s Day Message

Former first lady Melania Trump's International Women's Day post on social media drew criticism on Friday from her former friend and aide, Stephanie Winston...

Activist Organization Paid Students to Attend Social Justice Training

Activist group Californians for Justice (CFJ) paid students in the Long Beach Unified School District $1,400 to attend racial and social justice training, according to contracts obtained by The Free Press.

House Republicans Urge GOP to Protect Constitutional Rights as Congress Considers Reauthorizing Government Surveillance Program

Thirty House Republicans sent a letter to House leadership, calling for them to protect Second and Fourth Amendment rights as the House considers reauthorizing a government surveillance program.

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