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Kindergarten-Aged Children to Participate in ‘National Coming Out Day’ in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Unified School District's (LAUSD) elementary schools are requiring students as young as five years old to participate in "National Coming Out Day."

Biden Pledges $39 Billion in Student Debt Relief Despite Supreme Court Striking Down Last Attempt

Biden's earlier student debt relief plan, which proposed $10,000 debt relief for low-to-middle-income borrowers and $20,000 for Pell Grant recipients, was deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in a 6-3 ruling.

Florida Governor’s Board to Countersue Disney Amid Ongoing Feud

Disney is currently suing DeSantis, alleging that he is orchestrating a "targeted campaign of government retaliation."

Kevin McCarthy Calls on Ron DeSantis To End ‘Feud’ With Disney

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy told CNBC’s Squawk Box earlier this week that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis should “sit down and negotiate” with Disney and “solve the problem.”

Florida Board Accuses Disney of Stripping It of Power Overseeing Walt Disney World

The board appointed by Governor Ron DeSantis to oversee Walt Disney World's special taxation district in Florida is considering legal action after accusing the previous Disney-controlled board of passing restrictive covenants that limit their power, while also limiting their use of Disney-related trademarks, and Disney has defended its actions.

Sen. Kennedy Introduces Bill to Expose Communist China’s Funneling Money to American Schools

Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) has introduced the 'Preventing Malign CCP Influence on Academic Institutions Act' to require disclosures of foreign gifts to schools and reveal all joint activities with Chinese organizations, including exchanges or research, and to shed light on monetary gifts that American schools are taking from Communist China.

These 51 Big Businesses Target Conservatives. Here’s What You Can Do to Stop Them

It is not a secret that over the past decade, hundreds of large U.S. corporations have adopted woke policies, regularly injecting left-wing ideals into their products, services and employment practices.

House Committee Investigates Penn Biden Center Over Classified Docs

The House Committee on Education and the Workforce is investigating whether the University of Pennsylvania's Penn Biden Center violated any laws with regards to classified documents found at the think tank and the university's foreign donations, and is requesting documents and communication related to the matter from the Department of Education.

U.K. Christian Mother Sues School for Forcing Son to Participate in Pride Parade

The case is the first time U.K. LGBT school indoctrination will be analyzed.

New Documentary Exposes Disney’s Pro-sexualization, Anti-nuclear Family Agenda

The magic of Disney is fading, according to the president of the Catholic League.

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