New GOP Bill Says ‘No More’ To Mob Rule On University Campuses

A new GOP bill is set to address the growing concern over universities allowing disruptive and violent protests on their campuses. This legislation comes in response to incidents of mob riots that have disrupted academic environments and stifled free speech.

In light of tensions in the Middle East, many college campuses have become the ground for anti-Israel protests. Encampments have been set up on college campuses by protesters that have barred other students from moving freely on campus and even entering buildings.

Introduced by Representative Jim Banks (R-IN) and House GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik, the ‘No Tax Dollars For College Encampments Act’ would force universities to be transparent about their on-campus protest policies.

The bill has already garnered support from six additional House representatives and other nonprofit groups.

Rep. Banks commented on the necessity for this piece of legislation saying, “Last school year, makeshift encampments were allowed to flourish on campuses across the country, disrupting classes and intimidating Jewish students. This is unacceptable. My legislation holds these woke universities accountable and ensures they enforce protest rules fairly and equally, not only when it fits their political agenda.”

The proposed bill would amend the Higher Education Act of 1965, compelling universities that receive federal funds to disclose their policies for managing civil disturbances on campus and detail how they enforce these rules.

Crime statistics would be reviewed regularly at these universities to ensure all policies are being complied with. 

House members supporting this bill are in agreement that Jewish students, no students, should feel unsafe on their university campus and should have equal access to education. Universities that continue to allow a mob rule mentality on campus will cease to receive their federal funding should this bill be passed.