Rep. Matt Gaetz Introduces Bill to Fight Fraudulent Campaign Donations

The bill, called the “Put Zombie Donors to Rest Act,” seeks to revise the Internal Revenue Code to necessitate the provision of a billing address and credit verification value (CVV) for all political donations.

LifeWise Academy Integrates Biblical Education in Public Schools

“If we didn’t have LifeWise offered, we wouldn’t be regularly going to church and making God the center of our house," said one mother.

New York Democrats Review Legislation Considering Organ Transplants for Illegal Immigrants

Liberal state legislatures in New York are reviewing legislation that would award organ transplants to illegal immigrants ahead of Americans who are waiting for donors.

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott Is Running for President

Despite sharing his experiences of racial prejudice, Scott firmly holds that America is not a fundamentally racist country.

FBI Misused Surveillance Tool While Searching Cases Relating to Jan. 6, Racial Protests

A released court order revealed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) misused a surveillance tool while searching for intelligence relating to the January 6 Capitol riot and 2020 racial protests.

Hollywood Producer to Provide ‘All the Resources’ Necessary to Ensure Biden 2024 Victory

Producer Jeffrey Katzenberg told the Financial Times that he intends to supply "all the resources" necessary to ensure Joe Biden wins re-election.

Rep. George Santos in Custody Following Charges Filed by Justice Department

Asked about the charges on Tuesday, Santos said, "This is news to me."

Congress Ignores Real Debt Ceiling Drama: Ron Paul

"Ensuring that government follows the same nonaggression principle as law-abiding citizens is the key to a society of freedom, peace, and prosperity," writes Dr. Paul.

Leonardo DiCaprio Testifies in Trial Alleging Illegal Chinese Influence in Obama Campaign Donation Plan

The trial of Prakazrel "Pras" Michel and Leonardo DiCaprio's testimony highlights the connection China has with the Obama admin. and the Hollywood film industry.

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