Trump Seeks Dismissal of 2020 Election Case, Citing Presidential Immunity

The narrative painted by Trump's legal defense is one that advocates for the preservation of a longstanding precedent, positioning the indictment as an anomaly that threatens to undermine the constitutional safeguards vested in the presidency.

Did the CIA Bribe Experts to Dismiss COVID Lab Leak Theory?


Trump Considers Moving Georgia Election Case to Federal Court

Donald Trump is considering moving the Georgia election case against him to federal court.

Federal Judge Allows Lawsuit Challenging Maine Governor’s COVID Vaccine Mandate

Healthcare workers fight for religious exemptions and Title VII protection.

Trump: 33-Point Lead Over DeSantis Among Georgia GOP Voters

In the survey, 57% of likely Republican voters expressed their support for Trump, while his closest rival, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, managed to garner only 15%.

Rutgers University To Dismiss Students Who Do Not Adhere to Vaccine Mandate

Rutgers University will disenroll students who fail to comply with COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Trump Cancels Conference Addressing Georgia Election Fraud

Trump's lawyers advised the cancelation.

Federal Judge Drops Hunter Biden’s Tax Charges

This decision came after a proposed plea deal related to a felony gun charge failed to materialize during Biden's initial court appearance.

Texas Judge Finds School District Violated Father’s Rights

A U.S. district court judge in Texas found that a father's claims that school board members and police violated his rights after removing him and preventing him from returning to school board meetings are valid.

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