Republican Senator Demands Answers From Biden Admin. on Chinese Balloon’s Threat to ‘Critical Military Infrastructure’

In a new letter addressed to Biden Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Sen. Schmitt is demanding the Administration account for its non-answers and lack of action on the Chinese spy “asset."

House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan Officially Subpoenas Department of Education Over School Boards Issue

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan officially subpoenaed the Department of Education on Friday, the Daily Caller has learned exclusively.

Scientists Sound Alarm Over Bird Flu Mutations

Health officials from Europe and the US are calling for international action to tackle the spread of avian influenza as fears grow that the virus could mutate and spread among humans.

Hamilton 68 Shows Deep State at Work

From the beginning of Hamilton 68, technology used to monitor and censor Americans, the State Department's practices changed.

DeSantis Pushes for More Migrants to Be Transported From Florida

Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) is reportedly planning to press for an "Unauthorized Alien Transport Program" to advance the expulsion of illegal immigrants in Florida to leftist states.

Zelensky Ordered Hunter Biden Biolab Information Destroyed on Same Day as Russian Invasion

The destruction of the evidence was aired on live TV.

Biden Admin. Makes No Effort to Remove Chinese Spy Balloon Floating Over U.S.

Biden said shooting it down would pose a “risk to [the] safety and security of the people on the ground.”

Acquitted Pro-life Activist to Press Charges Against ‘Reckless’ FBI

Mark Houck, acquitted pro-life activist, plans to sue FBI and other authorities for prosecution abuse following recent acquittal of charges related to FACE Act.

ChatGPT Found to Have Glaring Left-Wing Bias

Fourteen out of 15 political orientation tests show AI promotes woke ideology.

Chinese Communist Ties Raise Alarms for U.S. Military Academy Takeovers

Chinese-owned companies with close ties to the CCP purchase US military academies, sparking concerns about CCP influence in the education system and future military leaders.

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